Are You Working Out Or Training?

If you don’t know the difference between working out and training, you are most likely working out. This is not inherently good or bad. Most people do not really know the difference between working out and training which is why most are working out.

Although they can look fairly similar, a workout and a training session are more than just semantics. Depending on what your goals are, both methods can get you and in most cases it is just a matter of preference. Also, just because you hire a personal trainer, doesn’t mean they have an intelligently designed training program, often they are just putting you through workouts.

Here are some of the more subtle difference between the two.

For a workout most people judge how good a workout is based off the calories burned and lately how it seems people are also using heart rate monitors to see how high they can get their heart rate up and for how long.

For a training session; reps, sets, resistance, power, heart rate, perceived effort, time, distance and calories are all used to determine how good the workout is. In most cases we at Synfully Fit, use calories burned to determine how many calories we need to refuel with after the training session.

Heart Rate:
A lot of trainers/facilities are now incorporating heart rate monitors to guage how hard you are working and to challenge yourself or to compete with others to see who can out work whom.

In a training session, heart rate is used to determine where we should be training. Depending on whether we are looking to improve or maintain aerobic capacity, improve the anaerobic system, improve alactic power, recovery workout, or to manage over all stress levels, heart rate monitors are used to make sure we are working on what we are intending on working on, and not just trying to outwork someone else, who’s goals may or man not be the same as ours.

Workouts are typically designed to get you to sweat and work as hard as you can without taking into consideration the individuals present condition, accumulated weekly volume and/or stress, what they are doing in the near future or dozens of other variables.

Training takes into consideration all the variables listed above, plus what the actual training goal is. Are we in a strength training block, an aerobic capacity block, power or strength endurance block, weight loss/gain block, body sculpting block, or a maintenance block. Even if you are looking to just lose weight, you aren’t really just interested in losing weight, you want to lose fat, and keep your lean muscle without looking unhealthy. To accomplish that you will move through different training blocks in a specific order to help you achieve and maintain the desired goal.

Pros of Working Out
It gets you moving.
You can do it with little to no equipment
It can be progressed and regressed for your individual needs by a good coach.
It’s a start

Pros of Training
More structured and individualized.
Easier to see what is working and what is not.
It is a more comprehensive plan.
It allows you to see progress other than what the scale says which can help keep you engaged until your weight loss goals begins to materialize.

Again a training program is not necessarily better than doing workouts, they both can get you to where you want if applied appropriately. The biggest difference is that with a training program you can see what works and what doesn’t work for you, as an individual, more so than workouts can.

One last thought on weight loss. Regardless of whether you workout or train you will probably lose some weight from the beginning, most of that is going to be water weight. If not done properly you will begin to lose lean muscle mass, along with some fat mass. The problem with lose lean muscle mass at the same time is that lean muscle mass is part of your metabolic engine, the smaller metabolic engine you have the less calories your body will burn on a daily basis. This in turn makes it harder to continue to lose weight or maintain that weight loss without dropping calories even further and/or increasing you workouts time and/or intensity.

I hope this helps.

Get Healthy, Get Strong – Lose Weight, Syn On!

30-60 Minutes A Day To A Healthier You

Apparently I’m still trying to get the hang of WordPress, because something I did forced me to restore from a previous back up which wiped out what I originally posted here! SMH

Oh well, live and learn.

Unfortunately I don’t remember everything I wrote here originally so here go.

In a famous scene from Saved By The Bell, Jessie Spano – addicted to caffeine pills – has an epic melt down while hysterically stating, “No Time!!  There’s Never Any Time!!”

Was she right?  Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on what you are doing with that time.  We all given the same amount of time each day, how we choose to use that time is up to each person and there are consequences or results that arise due to how we use that time.  Some choose to get at it and work hard to earn the money they feel they need to do the things they want to do.  Some are super volunteers for their childrens schools.  Some are stay at home parents.  Some have hobbies.  Some spend 2-3 hours a night watching tv.  I’m not here to judge you, well maybe if you are spending your time watching reality tv shows I am. 😉  I’m just listing out ways people use their time.

One of my biggest excuses for not blogging more is that I don’t have time to.  Ironically I often find myself wading through emails or FB for hours at a time reading articles I feel are relevant to expanding my knowledge or business, only to find that the articles I have read are just rehashed information I already read before, or even worse were absolutely useless.

Recently I decided to block 30-60 minutes a day on “Getting Things Done.”  As Pat Rigsby has stated many times, “You only get paid for done!”  Since instituting that philosophy over the past 10 or so days, I’ve already accomplished writing (on in this case rewriting – I’m still not over losing the original post haha) several blog posts for here and Red Zone Training, got several home repair projects crossed off my list, and started and have almost completely a collaboration project with another health and wellness professional.  (There were other things that I have finished that I wrote originally about, but just can’t remember them all right now.)

All of this because I told myself, just 30 minutes.  What can you get accomplished in 30 minutes a day that would make life better for you?  A food intake overhaul?  A training session?  A meditation session?

I hope this helps.  Syn ON!!


Hello world!

I decided to completely scrap the old site and start from scratch on creating the NEW  Synfully Fit.  So although its pretty plain looking right now and I’m working on getting content up more than I am on bells and whistles, so the photo is very appropriate right now.  I’m here to work, not look good. 😉

My site is pretty much the opposite right now. ;)
My site is pretty much the opposite right now. 😉

To all my Syn’ers, welcome and I look forward to SYN’ing with you!

Until Next Time, SYN ON!!


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